U-turn journey

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I remember writing this 2 years ago. So thought of sharing it on the 3rd Anniversary of U-turn:

Recently, completed the 1st anniversary, shoot of U-turn, 10-11-11, (eve of our Shankaranna’s birthday) a remarkable journey, which has got us here, from different platforms and places!  Our Film has traveled places, got good reviews for the team effort!  It has received great response, from most of the audience!  Love everybody who was a part of this project. It was a great pleasure and great learning with u all.  Once again thanks for your Love & support!! Cheers everybody!

How it all started:

Kiran Midigeshi, partner, who was with me, each and every step of this film…I remember, somewhere around early of September 2011, we started working on this, had many brain storming sessions. It went on & on…huff, many sleepless nights, day dreaming, it was like eat project, drink project, sleep project!!!  The work style was too good! Loved it Kiran!

Manikanta, my dear friend, was the next crew member, with whom we used to discuss, every now and then. Updates, changes, etc, (Since he was working, acc. to his shifts, meeting was scheduled) to be more thankful to him, without him this project wouldn’t have come onto the screens!  A big bow and a warm hug to Mani! (Not to forget, the Film was shot on Canon 550D, which is owned by him basically)

Nagaraj Kariyappa & Anil bedge, my dearest pals. NRK, (Nagaraj, as fondly called) & Bedge, whom I have seen since 4 or more years, they are too good with their Pennu-Paper (Pen&Paper) and by heart as well.  Very sensible, creative, expressive etc, they can be referred by this line, “Life without Art is stupid”.  I narrated the outline story for both, for first time, they liked it and I asked NRK, to come up with some of his lines for the story. He accepted and started working on it.

Neeta Shankar, schoolmate, good old childhood friend, an Ace photographer, (Smile tells a lot) joined the team, when the 1st draft of the Script was ready. We met at my sis’s (Sangeeta) place, started discussing the script, then several changes had to be made. It was very much necessary for a new angle to the script!

135372_497281768886_2085501_oIn the meanwhile, a rough draft of the Script was almost ready. The next thing running in my mind was, Casting!  While penning down, the male lead, was totally visible for me, it was Balaji Manohar. We planned to approach him. During the process of deciding to meet him, thoughts were going on, will he accept the Character& act in a student short film. Got his contact through Suchitra Film society, thanks to them. One day, fixed up the Schedule, me and mani, had been to meet him. By his appearance, felt like he is bit reserved and all such serious stuffs (but he isn’t like that). I narrated the script to him, he liked very much. Then started to know him, very friendly, humor at his best, practical, and very much supportive.  He was a big support, while polishing the Script, the treatment process.

The next big challenge, Female lead!????  Started hunt for the role to play by. Originally, Kiran had suggested a very good and senior actor to Cast in for, (better not to disclose it) but then, we dropped the idea of approaching her, thinking it’ll be difficult to handle such big people by amateurs.

In the meanwhile, search continued. Approached Pawan Kumar   (Writer/Director, Lifeu ishtene) for links, then went through the script and expressed his views, he too liked the Script (don’t know if he remembers this). He then, suggested few names and gave some links. We started contacting those new faces, through Facebook, Gmail, and Shortlisted who’ll fit in the character. Then two beautiful faces somehow got into final stage. Then, I planned to meet Malthy rani, who was a Model & the Winner of Ibibo Fresh face.  I Narrated the Script to her, felt happy that she too liked and agreed to do the film and finally ended up with Malthy rani, for the female lead.167822_497281433886_7347707_n

Location was another parallel task, which was running all-round.  We had been for location scouting at various Cafeterias’ & Restaurant’s, which would suffice for my budget (Since it was very low). We roamed for 2 days, then at the last round, when we visited Renee, located in Jayanagar 7th block, it perfectly fit in for the Script. So then contacted the owners & talks went on with them, price negotiations dragged the talks (the lucky no. will not be mentioned, trade secrets ;)).  Finally the location was available, only thing was the date had to be informed, so as to Schedule accordingly.

Another very important crew member, Girish Kant, whom I had met a long time ago.  I had heard a lot about him & his work. Then came to a conclusion, let Girish handle the Camera, since Kiran had already worked with him, he knew about his work.  I personally needed someone who is well experienced & for me to learn as well.  This was very important. Girish was the D.o.P for the film.

Not to be forgotten, few lovely people,  who supported and stood by me, my sister & her husband, Sangeeta Kannan & Kannan Sharangapani, who also Co-produced the film,  Manasa Deshpande, a dear friend,  spent her time with the Cast and Crew, and also who looked after the makeup for sometimes. She helped everyone in the team & Balaji sir was very much fond of her. We had Lots of pranks on the sets.

It was the love and support from them, which made this project come out Velvet!

After the Scripting, we (me, Kiran & Girish)  had continuous sittings for the storyboard, shot divisions, lighting etc., Everything was almost done, Casting, dialogues, location Confirmation, Lighting rental  (through Girish’s contact’s).

The shooting was scheduled on 10th November 2010, shoot began that day & since we couldn’t complete that day, it extended for the next day.  Then, it was successfully completed on 11/11/10. It was an amazing experience! Takes lot of time to express through words.
Lastly, Overwhelmed by the support from Parents, When I said them, am going to do a Short film, they were like not clear, could read those questions on their faces! But still, “they told go on my son! We are with you!”  That was more than enough. (Love with Support, can win the world!) Even they funded for the project (which was very much important).  I too had some savings. Everything pooled in!


Finally, “U-turn”, on the floors! The rest is history!


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