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Like discussed earlier about the Century club, this year was phenomenal for the Indian film industry. Most of the Hindi films released raced for the 100 crore club. But before I talk about the films that I watched in year 2012, I would like to congratulate the Indian film industry for making movies, larger than life experience and for its remarkable way of unleashing a mass entertainment medium since 100 years.

It was 99 years ago, when Dadasaheb Phalke, the father of Indian Cinema, released his feature film Raja Harishchandra on 3rd May 1913 that the first feature film was released. This year, Indian cinema turned 100. In a country where over 1,000 films are made every year, in several languages, when we celebrate a century of film-making excellence, how do we define Indian cinema?

Indian film industry, naturally and majorly is comprised of Bollywood movies, while regional films make up the rest (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, Bhojpuri etc).

Filmography 2012!

Now this write up is all about the films which I watched in the year 2012. Many films came, some conquered the market, some hearts, many did disturb me in their own ways, and some were worth watching at the last day last show. I felt so bad when I missed some good films like Pizza, Thupaaki (Tamil), Oh my god, Chakravyuh, Taken 2 and few more.

My film-o-fest ’12 began with much hyped Players (Jan 6) which was a disaster and no good standard to comment on it. But then these two remarkable films, Sidlingu (Jan 13) (Kannada) and Agneepath-Jan 26, gave the kick start for the year. Sidlingu, one of the most impressive and attention grabbing Kannada film of this year, debuted by Director Vijayaprasad. This film was almost an overall package for the audience. All the elements of the film, the Script, characterization, performances, picturization, music, direction, everything was tailor made. I would like to share the top 3 major highlights of this film, the narration of story, Re-recording by Anoop Seelin and Cinematography by Sugnaan, are worth appreciating.

Agneepath, while watching this official remake, the most prominent thing which was running in my mind was, how beautifully and satisfactorily is the re-interpretation of the signature scenes and dialogues have been made. But Director Karan Malhotra along with co-writer Ila Bedi Datta refreshingly revamps the screenplay giving it a new structure and approach. Huge round of applauses for power-pack performances, the high-voltage drama, the climax and the cinematic treatment of that time period film. People obsessed with remakes in the recent times, films like Don, Agneepath are an important lesson on how to pay proper tribute to the original.


Chingari (Feb 3), unofficial remake of Taken, was a Darshan film all the way. Ek main aur Ekk tu (Feb 10) was technically very healthy and clear, a fun-filled experience and feel good film.

Ekk deewaana tha (Feb 17) remake of blockbuster Tamil movie Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, was one of the most anticipated romantic thrillers of the year 2012, failed to deliver the original feel. Somewhere, something obviously got lost in translation. Jodi breakers (Feb 24) only for Madhavan and Salim-Sulaiman, the film was neither romantic nor entertaining, it was seriously below average.

Paan Singh Tomar (March 2) was a total package and Irrfan Khan as PAAN SINGH TOMAR, was stunning and mesmerizing film. A disastrous story which comes in the serious cinema genre is made uniformly delightful!!!

Kahaani (March 9) a nifty thriller with clever twists and convincing characters, make the film worth a watch. I say, this mystery is worth unraveling!

Agent Vinod (March 23) was the most stylish film of the year. It wasn’t that clever enough. When I was watching the film, I felt, Vinod was tries to be a Bond-cum-Bourne kind of a secret agent. agent_vinod_ver3The snappy editing, stylized cinematography, stunning action sequences, all these were awesome. There was unnecessary confusion in the script, which leaves the audience exhausted and unsatisfied.

Govindaya namaha, Shikari (March 30) though they got released on the same day, it was purely a one sided business, debutant Pawan Wadeyar (Asst. of Yograj bhat) easily tasted the success of 100 days and it joined the league of super hit list of Kannada films of ’12. Shikari failed to reach the people, though the south superstar Mammooty acted for the first time in Kannada. The script was very good, but the message failed to make an impact because of the confused narration.

Then came Vicky donor (April 20), the most sensible, funniest, sparkling comedy film that I watched after a very long time. One of the most loved film’s of 2012 list. The theme was accepted very well and embraced. This master piece was an example of sheer excellence in writing and performances. Writer Juhi Chaturvedi has written it so neatly and the justice for writing is done by the director Shoojit Sircar.

Anna Bond (May 1) and Kataari Veera (May 10), the biggies got released back to back and overflowed the box office collections for some weeks. Puneeth’s Anna bond was not at all convincing and left everybody, with this thought when they came out after watching, what was the film all about? Upendra’s 1st 3d film, one of the highest budget films, grabbed the attention of everyone and the audience enjoyed it very well. It was purely for the fans of Ramya and Upendra. A total paisa vasool movie for Kannada audience.

Ishaqzaade (May 11), a love story with a twist, had the two strong, clearly written characters, which stays in you for a long time. I was impressed by the writing and direction by Habib faisal and the background score by Ranjit Barot. Excellent job by the whole team and thanks to Yash raj films for producing it.

It was a very nice bad experience for making an attempt to watch RGV’s Department (May 18). Literally falling short of words to explain the experience, as they say, there are something’s which can’t buy!Dandupalya

Dandupalya (June 1) a spine chilling story about a dreaded gang who were so hardcore and notorious. To say, a certainly well made realistic film, I was reminded about my guru RGV. It was his genre and is had shadows of his style of film making. Narration of the script was done very neatly by the director.

Shanghai (Jun 8) an intense political thriller which hit hard, below the belt and it was all about the state of being. I loved the brutal drama told very slowly. One of the best films I saw last year!

GOW1 & GOW2 (June 22, Aug 8) unfortunately couldn’t watch it the day it got released. Eventually watched it bit late, but this is a path breaking film in the history of Indian Cinema. Actually it’s worth keeping a separate blog page to talk about this, landmark film. Hats off to the Cast, Crew and Anurag kashyap.

SI was so damn excited about this film since our own Kiccha Sudeep has acted. FDSS, (First day 2nd show) Eega (July 6) made me numb, when I was walking out of the cinema hall. It was totally his Magnum opus, a very well-made and well-delivered story by the Director SS Rajamouli. It was exceptionally innovative and deserves a standing ovation.

Bol bachchan (July 6), a complete entertainer and clearly Rohit’s formula consisting of Ajay devgan, cheerful cheesy jokes, cars crunching and tickling dialogues throughout the film. You find silly at many stages of the film, like those Pj’s which we have heard, the regular SMS jokes, all these makes us laugh out loud at many points.

Cocktail (July 13) was not stirred and shaken well. I watched it for Imitiaz ali’s writing, Anil mehta’s Cinematography and Salim-Suleiman’s background score which was impressive.

I didn’t really enjoy watching Sunny Leone wearing clothes and asked to talk in Hindi in Jism 2 (Aug 3). It was not at all pleasure feeling by watching her acting, but Randeep hooda, for his terrific performance was worth watching. Sunny please get back to your basics yaar! I missed Ek tha Tiger (Aug 15) and still haven’t watched it yet!

207907_10151151676288887_1870144919_nBarfi (Sept 14) another fresh poem, from Anurag Basu…wah!!! Kya Barfi hain yaar! It left me speechless. One of the purest, sweetest films ever seen and made in Indian cinema. At some point it reminded me of Babu moshai saying in Anand, ‘Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi’, In our lives, one should celebrate life’s every single moment, every single day. Barfi! a brilliant motion picture was lovely in a touching way that is difficult to define till date.

English Vinglish (Oct 5) a story of a woman’s awakening self-respect. A very charming film that leaves you with big smile on  your face. One of the most assuring debut by Gauri shinde and not to forget Amit trivedi’s some of his best compositions to the soundtrack, makes one of the most pleasing films of 2012.


Bhoot returns (Oct 12) was a sequel for Bhoot (2003) which misses the scare factor and only very few scenes are remarkable and the background score of the film is the only factor that works in its favour. Overall the 3d was not at all required and it was quite disappointing for the Bhoot fans.

kvsrKrantiveera Sangolli rayanna (KVSR) (Nov 1) a Rajyotsava gift to Kannadiga’s and the entire nation. More about KVSR here!

Jab tak hain jaan (Nov 13) an iconic filmmaker Yash chopra’s last Direction film. More about JTHJ here!

life_of_pi1Life of Pi (Nov 21), I would say, an extravagant journey, a master work by visionary filmmaker, an incredible tale of with wonder sense, technical marvel and most magical movie of the 2012 would be Life of Pi. It was a visual treat and with each frame being magnificent, it is a stunning cinema!

Drama, Edegarike (Nov 23) both are super hits of 2012. Drama was total entertainer and Edegarike a master piece work. Talaash (Nov 30) a suspense thriller, the genre which I love the most, was also one of the most expected movies of 2012. Released very late and most of them were quite confused what to say about this movie, good or bad! Yes, when I asked many, most of them took their time to say whether they liked it or not! But Aamir brings volumes of depth to this troubled man, Inspector Shekhawat.

The last film that I watched last year was Yaare Koogadali (Dec 20) left me no words for Puneeth’s expression and chilling performance at many places. The fire required is very transparent with Puneeth’s second half performance. Overall Yaare Koogadali was filled with violence and at some point of the film, it was a too sensible for the audience to handle it.

Not to forget, The Avengers (April 11) was a superior example of its kind, with sequences on a par with the best Spiderman and Batman movies. And technically, it’s a real marvel. Even The Dark Knight Rises (July 16) was among the most highly-anticipated movies of the year, was a blockbuster and an intelligent job at the final half-hour, which is cleverly written by Nolan, was jaw dropping and I loved the way it was been treated. once again, thumbs up for Nolan!

Looking forward for 2013, which has already kick-started by VB sir’s Matru ki bijlee ka mandola!


One thought on “Film-o-fest ’12

  1. Excellent blog…well ppl who haven watched few movies which was released in 2012 and was planning to watch will have an idea to which movie to watch or thry will have an idea bout wat the movie is before watching them…ppl who have already watched movies might watch again and change their opinion bout the movie after reading the Blog.. well a total summary film industry of 2012 .. thanks for the knowledge and information .. gotto know many info which we wouldn have even tried knowing bout it… a lot of research done..thanks for the blog !!

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