History re-visited, Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna

2012 Kannada rajyotsava witnessed one of the biggest openings in the history of Kannada film industry. An important chapter from Karnataka’s history was re-visited..Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna (KVSR), a splendid cinematic experience. An extravaganza, outstanding effort from the entire team. The team deserves a pat on its back for the picturisation of this epic story. It’s an answer for all those have spoken, who said a periodic film wont make an impact, hats off to everybody and the producer, Anand Appugoll, deserves a special respect. Every frame of the movie looks rich and extravagant. Feels very proud and good about the reports coming and indeed, my fren it is a ray of hope. KVSR lives up to expectations. It has been directed well by Naganna and though the centric character, KVSR, Darshan dominates the screen. But what got me goose bumps is the high-energy in the form of performances from Jayaprada and Umashree.. Despite some missing chinks in the film, such as, Nikita who plays Rayanna’s love interest disappears and never returns, Rayanna’s close muslim fren, who’s been asked to go,meet and update about the little prince, the way Rani Chennamma dies, which is differently told in history, are not justified. Given the length of the film, it is difficult to manage all the characters and their bits of stories. In  spite of all these, KVSR has fought before its release, and now after release also, he’s roaring! Must credit for the angry young man Kiccha Sudeep, his narration..As usual, his voice and words runs down the spines! And what better time than this Kannada Rajyotsava week to revel in its spirit! But you get so much involved in the film that you would be forced to say `Hara Hara Mahadev`!!! Long live Chennamma and Raayanna.


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