And…he lives on forever!

“Mohabbat ke saamne khuda jhuk jaata hai, toh waqt kya cheez hai”
Jab tak hain jaan (JTHJ), makes most of them feel, nothing in it, but still delivers lots of LOVE. I stood till the end, rolling of the end credits, where making of the film is shown, Director Yash chopra, one of the finest, prolific filmmaker our country has seen. Shots of his action-cuts, behind the scenes with the cast, Anil mehta and others, felt too happy to see his energy. As my fren Vivek said, u might find a lot mistakes in the film.The duration of the film might also test ur patience. But its a spread love, its a fever of love, its an immersion of love!
An authentic YRF’s last but the latest love saga to be felt on the big screen. While watching the movie, to some extent I could relate Samar, character played by SRK to the character Param of Paramathma (Directed by Yograj sir). People who have watched Paramathma can easily make a guess about this. Again u might say the plot of the film is not convincing or the twists in the story is kinda not satisfactory or so. But those things dint matter for me, I was taken away by the heartfelt performances. Moreover its Yash ji’s film, he conveys it with so much of freshness, compassion and the love towards cinema. His excellence clearly shows on the screen. JTHJ marks two important things, Katrina first ever full-fledged romantic flick & SRK’s first ever on-screen kiss in YRF’s last. At some point I also felt the same emotions, situations which I had in Veer-Zaara. Not to be forgot, the Cinematography by the senior Anil Mehta (of Wake up Sid, Rockstar. Cocktail etc,) is the best of best-est in JTHJ. It is like, YRF is obsessed with Europe & UK. Here in JTHJ, London has been captured outstandingly as how it has to be for a Yash ji’s story. The season’s in UK has been visually treated well. JTHJ is a modern treatment, where both female leads are totally different. Anushka (whom I admire & a crazy fan for her) as Akira as tomboy excels & gives her best. Described best in her own words: “I belong to the instant make out, instant break-up generation.” All three, SRK, Katrina & Anushka are top notch! Sangeet shahenshah or samrat, AR Rahman is totally fresh. Gulzar saab ko shaashtang pranam, deserves respect for the opening lines. As the end lines on the screen say,”and…he lives on forever!” Watta title for his last film, Jab tak hain jaan.

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