Educate the Girl Child

It’s been almost two decades, since this early bird spark which has been questioning me all the while & way. Education of a child starts from the family and mother is the first teacher. But, the irony in India is that although the deity of education is, a female.Right from the early Vedic period,as collected by keen studies and observence, people have been celebrating the birth of a son, but in those days daughters born were neglected and not educated properly. However the scene completely changed during the later Ages and the daughters were considered as a social burden. Only the girls belonging to upper class families enjoyed the right of education and got proper nourishment.They were not remained uneducated by their own wish but they were being forbidden from receiving education because of the patriarchal families in the society.

I was born in a small greeny village,where people are more skilled at fields, this basic need always made me think, most of the times towards the female side.At the early ages, i was been brought up in a small smoky town,educated at good school’s (changed from Primary to High) scaling with discipline,molding for shapes, all these are the basic building blocks for a child at school. There many factors at different stages which build up, as accordingly. Family plays a key role in seeding this factors like Attitude, Aptitude, Approach, Education, Identity, Social Consciousness etc., At the elementary level,the child’s mind in observing the surroundings are with very keen and sharp manner. They always try to either re-work on the observed character or Act like the same, which attracts or interests them.Here School plays an important source to educate the child in a proper productive and progressive manner.

I often visited amma’s (Mom) village, hometown(go green), a beautiful, lovable place,where u can feel the nature’s showers or to say the rain burst’s as a common thing. Its been a part of the people’s life and the primary source of work and livelihood is raising crops. As many of us know, Government school’s are the main educating centre, and the affordable source by the farmers apparently.One of the worst experience, which ignited me really to make up myself on this and start was the day wen i faced a situation, where i could not give answers or solutions for some straight simple questions from a group of young girls working on the fields.But all i could to convince them was,the Hope to educate the children around their places,including them and while returning back tears rolled over, conquered the mind and heart. I asked myself, was this the way we have been all the while ? or should we be like this all the way ?

There has been tremendous progress in every field but unfortunately still the girls are neglected. In most of the families the birth of a girl child is not desired and if accepted they are thought inferior to boys and their education is not considered important because it seems a wastage of money to most of the parents. They think it unreasonable because afterwards they have been compelled to bear a heavy amount towards their dowry. So the female literacy rate is unsatisfactory and it has a direct impact upon the overall development of a nation and its population growth. If India wants to be one of the developed nations it must concentrate on female education because if we educate a man we educate an individual but if we educate a women we educate an entire family. Again the root cause of all problems facing the women is related to education. If all women are educated, then all problems like female infanticide, dowry, female suicides, domestic battering, malnutrition of women, child marriage and other related evil acts would get vanished from our country.

Only educated women can understand the needs of the family. They will never send their children to work in any shop or factory, rather they will arrange for their education in good schools. They will take proper care of the health and diet of their children. A mother knows what is good for her kids and how they should be brought up. Thus, educated mothers would promote education for all their children without discrimination. But if a mother (girl) is not educated and gets children then she would do anything without reasoning and harm herself and her children. As she is not educated, she would tend to think that education is only for the male and not for the female and thus, she would ingrain in her daughters the idea that they are inferior to their brothers.

Like a great man once said “give me good mothers and I will give you a great nation”. Women are exploited in every sector, especially if they are uneducated, because they cannot demand their rights. Most of the women lack unity and work in unorganized sector.If they were educated they would have been knowing the rules and regulations and working in an organized sector getting the benefits of public schemes.

Every child (specially the girl child, as she is the one who keeps the cycle of human life going on) is a special and priceless gift that we are bestowed upon with the hope that we would recognize its preciousness, respect its individuality and enable it to fulfil its abundant potential. A child, male or female has the first call upon the resources of the state as it is the future of entire human kind and advancement of the human race depends on its development.

Education enlightens and an enlightened women only can stand up for protection of her human rights and for those of her fellow sisters who may be being deprived and discriminated against due to various religious and socio-economic factors. By educating girl child we set in a process of empowering women, who will be able not only to defend their rights and live with dignity but also to contribute to the development of entire society.

So let’s join hands to educate the girl child !!!


One thought on “Educate the Girl Child

  1. In agreement to your mostly said views…I disagree to just one. “Educated mothers would promote education for all their children without discrimination”…
    Our thinking needs a change. We have to learn from other religions and other countries. People should be open to learn & distinguish between the good and bad. Irrespective of what Education teaches how many “EDUCATED doctors” do support female foeticide?

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